Our History

Gloria Scott's Mother

Judy & Gloria’s Mother

Founded by Judy Cuppy, a pioneer in Florida’s homecare industry, Senior Home Companions has been providing our special brand of assistance since 1992.

After 18 years of watching her grandmother’s experience in a nursing home, Judy opened one of the first homemaker companion companies in Florida. Her goal was to connect clients with caregivers who would provide what they were looking for; reliable, exceptional care and much needed peace of mind.

Soon after, Judy’s sister, Gloria Scott, found that there was also a need for in-home care near her home in Indiana. With Judy’s assistance, Gloria opened Senior Home Companions in 1996, providing services that allow seniors to remain independent and safe in their home environments.

Senior Home Companions has continued to be an innovative leader in home care for over two decades. We want our older loved ones to be as happy, engaged, and healthy as possible. One way to do that is to help them stay in familiar surroundings for as long as possible. Judy and Gloria have fulfilled their goal of helping make that happen.

Judy CuppyJudy Cuppy moved to Sarasota from Valparaiso, Indiana where she was the Recruiting Coordinator for Valparaiso University. As she has always been fond of older people and stories they have to tell, she began to zero in on care for seniors. After visiting local hospitals and rehabilitation centers, she decided that the best way to develop her business was a peer program designed to provide services by active seniors who realize how important it is for their less ambulatory age group to remain independent. Another reason for starting this type of business was due to her grandmother being in a nursing home for 18 years and remembering how badly she missed her home, her garden and her privacy. A nursing home promises care, but not home life. Judy Cuppy was also a “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist in 2011.