Employee Spotlight: Carrie Cermak

For more than two decades, Carrie Cermak has been the beacon of light at Senior Home Companions as its administrator. From assisting with its expansion throughout Florida to daily displays of compassion, Carrie does it all.

“I have enjoyed being a part of the growth of Senior Home Companions to where it is today. I have found the job challenging and rewarding,” Carrie said.

Carrie is passionate about showing her commitment to helping Florida’s seniors stay healthy, active and independent all while in their own homes. It’s important to her to go the extra mile. Her favorite memory of working at Senior Home Companions includes celebrating a client’s 101st birthday in the comfort of her own home rather than the hospital. From their discharge to the home, Carrie arranged 24/7 personal care within a few hours, and those same few caregivers are there for the client to this day.

Outside of work Carrie can be seen enjoying a nice run or spending time with her family on their boat.

“I have a strong sense of belief in our values: Integrity, doing what is right; Effectiveness, going the extra mile; and Compassion, connecting and empathizing consistently,” Carrie said.