Employee Spotlight: Michael Lamkin

Michael Lamkin loves to see people smile. For the past three years, he’s been bringing joy to the lives of seniors and their families.

As Director of Business Development at SHC, Michael works closely with clients in pairing them with the right caregiver support solutions and providing the best customer service experience possible.

“My job is a lot of fun,” Michael said. “I get to make people happy. You can change someone’s life in a meaningful way here.”

Michael also serves on the board of the Hamilton County Council on Aging, identifying and serving the needs of seniors in the community.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, hitting the road on his bicycle and participating in running events. He’s currently training for several races, including the Run 317 series of 5k races this summer in Carmel, Fountain Square and Mass Ave. He’s also participating in this fall’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s along with the rest of the SHC office.

After his athletic adventures, Michael is always happy to return to the warm, compassionate culture of SHC.

“I enjoy helping and connecting with people in need,” Michael said.