Communication: From Frantic to Intentional

four people posing with awards

SHC Founder, Judy Cuppy and Executive Director, Carrie Cash were invited to the Sailing Squadron Luncheon to share with local members the benefits of preparing for the future.  According to Carrie many SHC clients, “that we see, have come to us due to something unexpected and unplanned,” and she encourages families to sit down annually, with an agenda, and speak candidly about life updates, future plans, the family estate and any elephants in the room. Carrie went on to say, “The families who are able to navigate through these crises with the most success are those who have been very intentional in their conversations with one another and have planned for these what-if situations.”  Most importantly, encourage one another.  These simple conversations can easily shift your family from a “Frantic Family” to a very “Intentional Family” when an unexpected event occurs.