Music Memory and the Holiday Season

Christmas caroling cartoon

The Holiday celebrations and hoopla can often be overwhelming for persons with dementia.  One way to stimulate memories of holiday experiences is through music.  Since music memory is stored more throughout the brain, it’s less likely to be effected by Alzheimer’s  Disease, stroke or trauma. There is a groundbreaking program called “Music and Memory” being […]

Activities To Engage Your Loved Ones This November

Thanksgiving animation

The Alzheimer’s Association offers a variety of support mechanisms for families of those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, many of the “Top 10 Ways To Help A Family Living with Alzheimer’s”  is to keep them engaged.  As we approach this season of Thanksgiving, there are many ways to […]

Stimulating Ideas For Spring

spring flowers

What a spring we have had!  The range of weather conditions during the spring months can offer interesting conversations, memories, familiar music & hands-on activities for you and your loved ones. Many seniors with dementia may enjoy relating experiences with thunderstorms as children do – their fears of thunder & lightening, playing in the puddles […]