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SHC Caregiver Of The Month: Godelive Matumbu

February 20, 2020

We are proud to announce that our Caregiver of the Month for February 2020 is Godelive Matumbu. She is a very hard worker and always strives to provide outstanding senior care, so we are excited to honor her in this way.

When asked why she is an exceptional caregiver, Godelive said it is “because I take good care of the clients and make them happy.”

Outside of work, Godelive is sure to practice self care and says she is proud of “doing something good for myself.” Practicing self care is so important to prevent caregiver burnout, and we celebrate caregivers who make this a priority in their home life.

Godelive says that one of the most interesting things about her is that she is “respectful, patient and speaks correctly with the client.” We so appreciate these important skills in her work with our clients who turn into family.

One of Godelive’s favorite past jobs was a unique situation, but that made it especially rewarding for her: “I worked at home care for four years to take care of persons with mental disability problems. This job was very difficult because sometimes, the client refused medication, showers and lunch. Sometimes the client became aggressive. I was patient with them about their mental disorder. I loved them and made them happy, and then the client changed things.”

Thank you, Godelive, for your hard work with Senior Home Companions! We so appreciate our caregivers like you, who answer a call to serve others and make a difference.