Senior Care Support Services

Senior Home Companions has been coordinating a wide range of personalized senior care services for Indiana and Florida families since 1992. We help local families navigate the full continuum of senior in-home care.

Serving Indiana & Florida

We’re passionate about consistent, compassionate care for engaged lives. Our tailored care plans ensure loved ones receive the companion care they want and need, whether in the home in which they’ve lived for 40+ years or supporting a loved one in an assisted living community, skilled care or hospice care setting.

We work alongside your family, care facility and skilled-care team. Additionally, we can work around-the-clock to care for you or your loved one.

Our Personalized In-Home Companion Care Services:

Caregiver support
Assisted Living Care Support

Companion care within an assisted living setting continues the personal attention received during in-home care, with the same focus on the highest quality of life, including maintaining those relationships with friends, church, and activities in the community that are so important at any age or ability. If you or a loved one has made or is ready to make the transition to a Southwest Florida or Central Indiana assisted living facility, Senior Home Companions can provide the support and non-medical care needed to keep you or your loved one engaged.

Senior Home Companions
Skilled Care Support

Companion care with a skilled care facility provides comforting care from a trusted companion. If your loved one is in a skilled nursing facility, Senior Home Companions can coordinate compassionate companion care to ensure the most active and engaged life possible. Our caregivers help clients in long-term care stay engaged by providing companionship, help with therapies and seeing to any other non-medical needs.

Personalized Companion Care Services in Indiana and Florida
Hospice Support

We help Florida and Indiana families navigate the full continuum of care, including end-of-life palliative and hospice care. When the focus shifts from health and recovery to providing comfort and support, Senior Home Companions works with hospice care, providing additional emotional support your loved one and the family need during this difficult time.

Understanding the Importance of Experience
Transitional Care & Rehabilitation Support Physical Therapy Assistance

One-on-one attention from a caregiver, in partnership with the medical staff, helps keep your loved one focused and engaged in reaching their rehabilitation goals — important to returning home as quickly as possible. Regardless of the extensiveness of recovery, you can count on Senior Home Companions support to return to an active and engaged life.

Blog- Handyman Services
Handyman Services

Aging gracefully within your home may mean a residential handyman’s helping hand is needed to perform routine tasks and complete projects. Our Senior Home Companions handyman team can complete a wide array of basic monthly and annual home maintenance tasks, from replacing furnace filters or fixing a window to preparing your home for the next season. Our handyman team also is an expert in vetting contractors, as well as, providing scheduling and oversight for projects beyond the scope of a handyman. Download our handyman services flyer here.

Sotry Cottage
Memory Care

Senior Home Companions is proud to have launched Story Cottage in 2019 and serves as the exclusive care provider for the eight-resident memory care facility located on the northside of Indianapolis. For those for whom remaining at home or in assisted living is no longer possible, Story Cottage provides a unique, home-like setting staffed with caregivers trained in memory care. Visit Story Cottage website.

Senior Home Companions
Family Matters Counseling

You may find yourself asking, “Is growing older at home right for me or my loved one?” Finding the right in-home care doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. Senior Home Companions assists exploring the best care options for you or your loved one to make living independently possible.

Our Family Matters program provides your family with a platform to address many of the issues you face as you or a loved one ages. In these family meetings, we help you explore the topics that are difficult to approach and facilitate discussion to make fruitful plans. Among those topics we frequently address:

  • Identifying roles for adult children and how to share responsibility across family members to achieve the best possible outcomes for all.
  • Determining how to assess health and mobility and what solid options are available for future living arrangements.
  • Exploring what financial and legal relationships need to be in place to guide the family and honor parents.

Family Matters is led by our President David Morgan, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Dartmouth’s Tuck College of Business. David’s experience in providing quality senior care and ministry make him uniquely qualified to help guide families with critical decisions in a caring, thoughtful and thorough way.

Age gracefully. Let Senior Home Companions help you or your loved one make the most of their home setting, no matter where home is.

Contact our team to chat about how we can help you or your loved one live an active engaged life.