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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors 

Summer is a time of warmth, fun, and outdoor enjoyment, but for seniors, it's important to remember a few safety […]

Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer is finally here, and the season brings many exciting opportunities for seniors. The warm weather brings a perfect opportunity […]
Resident with Pace Car

The Indy 500 Pace Car Tradition

Every year, the excitement of the Indy 500 races through Indianapolis! For the memory care residents at Story Cottage, this […]
Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities for Seniors

Rainy days might seem gloomy at first glance, but they also offer the perfect opportunity to indulge in some cozy […]
Spring Activities For Seniors

Spring Activities for Seniors

Celebrate Spring with Senior- Friendly Activities With spring just around the corner, we are excited to welcome some sunshine and […]
Nutrition For Seniors

Nutrition Tips for Seniors

In honor of National Nutrition Month®, we are highlighting a few valuable nutrition tips for seniors! As we get older, […]
What is the difference between a senior sitter and a caregiver

What Is the Difference Between a Senior Sitter And a Caregiver?

There are multiple kinds of caregivers available for hire that significantly improve the quality of life for those they treat. […]
What states pay you to take care of a family member

What states pay you to take care of a family member?

The millions of people taking care of family members at home fulfill an essential and often undervalued caregiving role in […]
What are 4 types of caregivers

What Are 4 Types of Caregivers?

For individuals no longer capable of caring for themselves, whether due to age, illness, or other circumstances, someone near them […]
Types of Caregivers for Elderly

Types of Caregivers for the Elderly

The former first lady of the United States, Rosalynn Carter, once said: “There are only four kinds of people in […]
What are the duties of a paid companion

What Are the Duties of a Paid Companion?

Paid companions play an important role in the lives of those they support. Whether it be for an aging, disabled, […]
what does a carer companion do

What Does a Companion Caregiver Do?

It’s no secret that the older we get, the harder it can become to socialize. Opportunities for companionship often rely […]
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