What Our Customers Are Saying



My brother and I are very pleased with Darleen and her genuine and sincere commitment to Mom’s welfare. Mom can have her cranky moments but Darleen knows just how to play her. Thanks to SHC for all the help with my mom.



Robin is a gem and we are so glad to have her. She even sends me pictures of Mom. We really appreciate the SHC team.



When any question or minor concern has come up it has been addressed immediately and to our total satisfaction. My mother has been cared for by professional, kind and loving people who treat her with compassion and respect.



I want to thank all of you for your “above and beyond the call of duty” attention and the extra time spent and visits with my 100 year old mother. She knows your names and smiles when she sees you. That is major! Also, I would add, the quality and dependability of your caregivers is exemplary.



This is a better Christmas because of the beautiful caregivers in our life! Not sure what we would do, or where would be without them! I would like to let you know how easy it has been to work with your staff. On the phone, online and with Pat and Mikki, at Mom's. It's seamless. Much appreciated.



I am writing to let you know what a wonderful experience we have had while utilizing SHC. From start to finish, you have provided care for my mother that has far exceeded our expectations.



Thank you for the excellent care. The caregivers have been wonderful.



Your caregivers went above and beyond the call of duty.



Senior Home Companions has played a huge role in the care of my mother. Besides regular weekly care, whenever we have had an unexpected emergency, SHC has always been there to help and provide all the additional services necessary for her care.  Your representatives have been professional, kind, and able to deal with a variety of situations.



We are over the moon about Ralph—he stepped in and took care of everything.


Hospice Nurse

I appreciate all that you do. You just make it work for every client that we both help.



My mom would have never been able to stay in her house for as long as she has without your help. Don’s flexibility and driving was a real lifeline for Inge.



Mac was wonderful. She stayed until well after they took him away. She was extremely helpful in getting things organized. Ralph was also a tremendous help yesterday. He is so caring and gentle. I just can’t say enough good things about your staff. Thank you again for all you did to make Nelson's last days on this earth easy for him.


I'd like to thank Dante for going beyond the call of duty. She transported the client to the hospital ER and stayed many hours beyond her shift until the patient was admitted. She made phone calls on behalf of the client and fetched personal things and brought them to the hospital. We so appreciate her good care!


This company has gone above and beyond in providing care for my husband at the last minute. They have been super friendly & supportive at a very difficult time. They are flexible to handle a myriad of needs. I am so impressed with their professionalism and compassion. I will recommend them to anyone. If you need a home companion/caregiver, these are the people to call.


SHC took care of my great aunt when she had some health issues. The staff was phenomenal in their care. My aunt told me that she loved their friendly and uplifting personalities. I would highly recommend the trustworthy people of this organization for taking care of my family and friends in the future.
  • 5 star review  I have worked with this company several times as their photographer. I am consistently impressed by the compassion and love they show the individuals in their care. The Story House is an absolutely pristine environment that engages the residents and has formed a family away from home for so many elderly individuals. I’m grateful for the important work these caregivers are doing.

    thumb Joni Streit

    5 star review  I love working with our Greatest Generation/Silent Generation population. They have so much love and the best stories to tell. Being staff at Story Cottage has given me a real appreciation for all they have seen in their lifetime. We are a family that works and supports each other. I love my Story Cottage Family 😊

    thumb Liz Lanie

    5 star review  I was first introduced to Senior Home Companions several years ago through my grandma. We had a few caregivers come out to help us with her. Within the last year, I was reintroduced to the company when they provided care for my great uncle. The caregivers were compassionate, patient and wonderful to have in the home! They provided the personalized care that you desire for your loved ones. When there was an opportunity for me to work with Senior Home Companions, I couldn't turn it down. This has been an exceptional company to work for. It has been incredibly rewarding to see how our care teams positively impact the lives of people in our community. I recommend this company both as a place of work and for the consistent services they provide families!

    thumb Kelly Tyner
  • 5 star review  I have been very impressed and pleased with the services provided by our caregiver. She has established an excellent rapport with my wife which has permitted me to obtain some much needed respite time away from my sole caregiver responsibilities. I highly recommend their services.

    thumb Zed Day

    5 star review  I LOVE SHC!!! Their caregivers are very well-trained and compassionate. Uniquely, they have a nurse who oversees the care of their clients. They are quick to adjust to new schedules and are able to start care, quicker than most. I can’t say enough great things about them!!❤️❤️

    thumb Kyla P

    5 star review  Senior Home Companions is the best company to choose when it comes to caring for elders in their homes. They make home care easy for the family, especially with a family with a busy schedule. Everyone I’ve interacted with has so much passion and love for their elders. They truly made a difference with my grandparents’ home care. I wouldn’t trust my grandparents with any other company. They’re just that awesome!

    thumb Kaitlyn Murray