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Understanding the Importance of Experience

January 18, 2017

Importance of Experience in Personalized At-Home Care Service

Think about the last time you hired a professional service to repair or install something in your home.  Did you just pick the first company you found, or did you do some research?  Chances are, you did a little investigation before you picked up the phone.

How long has the company been in business?  Do they have positive reviews from customers?  Has anyone you know done business with them before?

Much like any professional service you might have purchased in the past, these same criteria matter when caring for the most important assets of all – the well-being of a loved one.

As the need for care continues to grow for our elderly population, more and more companies are entering the industry trying to capitalize on this growth.  Not every company has the commitment to care and service that we strive for each day.

Judy Cuppy & Gloria Scott

Maybe it is because they lack the motivation and inspiration that drove our founders over two decades ago.  While others might be inspired by a growing industry, Judy Cuppy and Gloria Scott created Senior Home Companions (SHC) out of frustration and a desire for change.

The sisters struggled watching their grandmother and mother both lose their independence and privacy when receiving care.  At the time, a personalized at-home care service just did not exist.

That motivation to create a company dedicated to providing the care we would entrust our own family with has driven SHC ever since, and our experience proves it.

In-Home Care

What Matters Most: Experience and Quality of Care

Experience matters when you aim to help your loved one maintain their active roles in their community and preserve their individuality.  Having over two decades of experience means that there is seldom a situation that we have not encountered before.  When a client or family presents us with a unique request, we have answers and solutions to truly customize the care.

Experience also allows our team to properly attract and screen caregivers to allow only the best to work with our clients.  We understand the unique qualities of compassion, empathy, and the value of a personal touch.

Caregivers often become an integral part of our client and their family’s lives.  We have been entrusted with an amazing responsibility to make certain that those who we are asking to provide care are the same individuals we would trust with the lives of our very own family.

As we bring new caregivers into our system, we meet their dedication and drive with the proper continuing education and training to help them further advance their career and always improve their level of service.

Experience has also taught us the importance of matching caregivers and clients based on common interests as well as their unique needs.  We work diligently to match a client who might be a retired military member who loves sports with a male caregiver who also served our country and enjoys sports.  It is these common bonds that help caregivers become less like “help” and more like a trusted friend.

Most importantly, unlike other services, our experience has always pointed us back to one variable: the quality of care.  We understand that if we start with the highest quality, personalized care possible, we are prepared to handle the unique challenges and changes in this industry for decades more to come.