Caring for Someone After a Heart Attack

caretaker assisting client eat soup

When a loved one experiences a heart attack, it can become an eye opening and challenging time for any family member or friend. Generally, after a heart attack is suffered, it becomes an adjustment period for everyone involved. The first step to recover is realizing that the pathway back from a heart attack is a […]

7 Points to Maintain a Healthy Heart

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February is American Heart Month and it’s time to celebrate your heart. The American Heart Association says that as our bodies age, we become more vulnerable to the risk of heart disease and all cardiovascular diseases. Take healthy steps to maintain a strong heart this month and beyond by developing a few healthy habits that […]

Exercise Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Exercising throughout your life is a cornerstone to maintaining a strong body and heart. As you age it can be a challenge to keep up the same exercise tempo you did at a younger age. While it is important to exercise at every stage of life, it becomes increasingly crucial to exercise as you age. […]