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How We Care for Parkinson’s Patients

January 27, 2021

Do you or a loved one suffer from Parkinson’s disease? This progressive brain disorder affects the neurons that are responsible for movement control, resulting in difficulty with walking, balance, coordination and even speech. Caring for someone with Parkinson’s can present certain challenges, but the caregivers at Senior Home Companions can assist clients and their families with services ranging from a few hours a week to 24/7 care. 

How Does Parkinson’s Disease work?

Parkinson’s disease occurs because of the impairment or death of the nerve cells that control movement; however, the cause of this impairment is still unknown by doctors. Parkinson’s may first present itself with stiffness in limbs or trunk and tremors in hands, arms, legs, jaw or head. Symptoms will generally get worse over time, though changes may be subtle. 

Individuals with the disease may also suffer from mental/behavioral changes, fatigue or problems sleeping, depression and memory loss. It can also cause weight loss due to problems swallowing or chewing. Parkinson’s disease can occur in both men and women, but studies have shown that about 50% more men are affected than women. 

Family Caregiving for Those with Parkinson’s 

Since Parkinson’s is a progressive disease, you may be able to start out caring for your loved one within the family. Assistance in meal preparation, household tasks or running errands can be especially helpful for those with Parkinson’s as their mobility becomes more reduced. 

However, family caregiving can take a toll, with half of adult caregivers saying it’s moderately or very difficult to balance work and caregiving according to AgingInPlace. If you are in need of respite care, Senior Home Companions is happy to provide planned, emergency or temporary respite care for your loved one. We can make it possible for you to have a few hours away to go to an appointment or several days to go on a trip or vacation. 

SHC Activities and Therapy for Parkinson’s Patients

If you are ready to work with an SHC caregiver on a more regular basis, our team can provide specific Parkinson’s care for your loved one. We are trained on how the disease advances and can identify and manage both the mobility and cognitive symptoms of Parkinson’s. All of our caregivers are also trained in safety and fall prevention, as well as physical therapy assistance and activities that can help preserve strength and balance. 

Help when Daily Tasks Become Hard

As Parkinson’s disease progresses, even daily tasks like eating or grooming may become difficult to manage. Our SHC caregivers offer in-home care that can allow your loved one to remain comfortable and independent at home. Daily living companion care can include light housekeeping, meal planning/preparation, dressing and bathroom assistance, medication reminders and much more. 

If you are seeking care for an aging loved one with Parkinson’s in Central Indiana or South Florida, look no further than the caregiver team at Senior Home Companions. Our companion services are what we would want for our parents and grandparents and we believe your loved ones deserve the same.