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In-Home Care in the Age of COVID-19

May 6, 2020

Now more than ever, the demand for in-home care is rising. Visitor restrictions, spread of illness, staff shortages and other concerns mean that the conditions in many senior living facilities are deteriorating quickly. If you are in need of in-home care, Senior Home Companions is here to support you through both continued or increased services, as well as transitioning out of assisted living or nursing home facilities. 

Hitting Seniors Harder

As you likely know, adults over 65 and individuals with existing medical conditions are more susceptible to severe complications from the novel coronavirus. The ability of the human immune system to fight off viruses declines with age, and the chronic illnesses that many older adults have can exacerbate COVID symptoms, making this population incredibly vulnerable. 

The first major outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States was in a Washington State nursing home. In fact, USA TODAY has reported, “that at least 2,300 long-term care facilities in 37 states have experienced cases of coronavirus in their resident population.” In order to help prevent viral spread for your aging loved ones, in-home care may be the most responsible choice for your family at this time. 

Advantages to In-Home Care

Remaining at home (or transitioning into a home from a facility) can be advantageous for health reasons in order to reduce exposure to the novel coronavirus or other viruses. Social distancing can be simplified if seniors are only coming into contact with a trained caregiver and/or immediate family. If you have an aging relative with dementia, remaining in the care of a familiar face can help ease any changes in their routine or methods of care that may cause them distress. 

Although moving a senior home means that the full measure of care will be placed on their family, the advantages of in-home care are innumerable at this time. Senior Home Companions can help ease any burden of care by providing visits ranging from a few hours a week up to 24/7 care as needed. 

What SHC Can Provide

Our various in-home services allow our clients to remain safe and sound at home. Services include household responsibilities, personal/bathroom care, medication reminders and much more. SHC caregivers are also working hard to help clients prevent isolation through at-home activities and staying connected with family virtually if they are not able to visit in person. 

Our SHC team also has the ability to help a client move out of a facility and quarantine for a period of time before moving to a new location, if needed. Especially if you are moving an aging loved one into your own home, we can support this transition and make it as smooth as possible for everyone.

To ensure the safety of your loved ones, our SHC caregivers are social distancing as much as possible and self-monitoring for any symptoms before serving clients, and doing frequent temperature checks in order to assess their own wellness. Our staff are also wearing personal protective equipment when it is necessary for tasks in close contact with others. 

Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation for your family, or if you have any additional questions about how SHC is operating during this health crisis. We are proud to help keep your loved ones safe and sound at home.