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Indianapolis Senior Care | Home For The Holidays

December 16, 2019

The Holidays and In-Home Senior Care

With the holidays here, many people are looking forward to getting together to celebrate and visit with loved ones. If you haven’t seen your parents in a while, it may be a good time to look for any signs that they may need a little more help from you or someone like an in-home Indianapolis senior care companion. No one wants their mom and dad getting to the point where their safety is endangered before getting help. Here are a few signs to look for while you are home for the holidays.

Physical Appearance

Changes in your parents’ physical appearance may be the first and most obvious change that you will notice. Have they lost or gained a significant amount of weight? Are they taking care of themselves and keeping clean with the same level of care as in the past? Lack of care or experiencing significant pain in everyday moving about is a sign that they may need help from a doctor, updates to their home, or a look into residential services.

Memory and Cognitive Changes

As you catch up and share stories, notice if your parents seem to tell stories more than once, or if they seem to get lost following your conversation. Frequent confusion or repeating themselves could be an early sign of dementia. When you visit other family members or local attractions, notice if they have any difficulty getting to these familiar places. If you find they are having trouble, an in-home companion can assist in running errands and managing symptoms of early dementia.

Changes in Behavior

As you spend time together, note if their personality seems to have changed. If they were previously very loving but seem quick to anger or get frustrated easily, this may be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s. You may also watch for them to be quiet or sullen, especially if they are usually cheerful and positive.

Home Upkeep

As one gets older, home repairs can get harder to manage. But does their home seem excessively dirty, with food or clothes piled up? This is a common sign that your parents may need help, especially if the care of their home was something important to them in the past. One part of the solution could be Senior Home Companions’ handyman services, which can include monthly visits.

Senior Home Companions is here to support you and your loved ones. Our services include day-to-day assistance, meal planning and housekeeping, rehabilitation support, and much more! Perhaps most importantly, we provide companionship and respite care to help supplement your own family caregiving. We know that you want to be there for your parents, and we can help support you in that care! Contact Senior Home Companions today to learn more!