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June Caregiver Ambassador of the Month from Lafayette

July 14, 2021

Senior Home Companions is proud to announce our June Caregiver Ambassador of the Month, Tracy Tatge. She was nominated by Jamie Adair and is the first recipient of this honor from our sister company Angels Senior Home Solutions. Tracy has served as an Angels companion caregiver in Lafayette for just over three years. Photo: Tracy Tatge (left) and Client Coordinator, Barb Lockard (right).

Caring for Special Clients

Her nominator, Jamie, said, “Tracy is a rockstar caregiver.” Tracy has been working for some time with a specific 24/7 client who has dementia, and she has become his favorite caregiver. “The tone of voice she uses, the way she approaches him, and the rapport she has built with him are exceptional,” said Jamie. 

Tracy has made it a point to stay in constant communication with the client, his family and the Angels Senior Home Solutions office in Lafayette to ensure that the care provided by his caregivers is always personalized and up to date. “Tracy is always willing to train new caregivers working with this client,” said Jamie. “She has even helped me update this client’s service plan to include specific details to make it as easy as possible for a new caregiver to succeed.”

Going Above and Beyond

Working with aging clients with dementia or memory loss can sometimes be difficult, but Tracy has found a unique bond with her primary client in Lafayette. “They go on walks every day that she is there so he can get fresh air,” reported Jamie in her nomination form for Tracy. 

“She has even made and brought dinner to him on holidays. She continues to go above and beyond for him every day.” It’s clear that she has made a special connection with this client, which has given him extra meaning to his days. “Our client looks forward to the days Tracy works and spends time with him,” said Jamie. 

A Personal Connection

Tracy’s extra care for her client with dementia comes from a family connection to memory loss. “I actually took care of my father the last 11 years of his life,” she explained. “He developed short-term memory loss from Korsakoff's syndrome.” 

She also cared for her grandmother before her passing, and it turned into a real passion for caring for older adults. “I just love helping elderly people,” said Tracy. “There’s just something about caring for elderly people and I feel like it’s my calling.”

Giving Back to Others

Through our updated Caregiver Ambassador program for 2021, each caregiver recipient can select a Hoosier nonprofit partner to have a donation made in their name. “I chose the Alzheimer’s Association,” says Tracy, “because the gentleman I sit with currently has Alzheimer’s and it’s very important to me.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone looking to be a caregiver in Lafayette or beyond, Tracy further expressed her generous spirit. “Give all of yourself,” she said. “Open your heart up to people and treat them like you would treat your own grandparents or family. Treat them how you want to be treated and put your heart in it.”

Would you like to submit a nomination for your caregiver in Lafayette, Central Indiana or Florida to be the next Caregiver Ambassador of the Month? Simply scroll down to find the form on our Resources page or download the PDF directly. Please email completed forms to Nicole Bieker at, or contact Human Resources for assistance at (317) 918-7168.