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May's Caregiver Ambassador: Donna Flowers

June 15, 2021

Our team at Senior Home Companions is proud to announce our May Caregiver Ambassador of the Month: Donna Flowers. She was nominated by Katianna St. Henry, Client Coordinator, and she works with our Central Indiana office. Donna has only been working with Senior Home Companions for a short time, but has made the most of it as a natural caregiver in even the most challenging of situations. Photo: Donna pictured center with her daughter Valencia (right) and Client Coordinator Katianna (left).

Learning as a Caregiver Companion

Starting work as a caregiver with Senior Home Companions in April, Donna proved her work ethic and desire to learn very quickly with our administration. “She has been able to adapt flawlessly in any client situation that has come her way,” said her nominator, Katianna. “If she has any questions, she will call and ask instead of guessing or assuming. Any time she calls the office she’s respectful to everyone. She has no problem asking for help when it comes to ensuring the safety of our clients.” 

Taking on Challenging Situations

Donna also isn’t afraid to work in challenging situations and with clients who may have additional needs due to their medical history. “There have been some challenging cases and situations where Donna has been able to use her previous years of experience to problem solve, communicate, and advocate for the client’s needs in a professional and respectful manner,” said Katianna. “If she isn’t familiar with a client’s needs, she will not simply give up. She will do what she needs to do in order to provide the absolute best quality of care for our clients.” Donna says that her caregiving career has truly become a calling. "I have been a caregiver for almost 15 years and it feels awesome to be recognized for what I do," said Donna.

Representing Positivity and Compassion

Our caregivers are truly special people, and Donna represents the best of the best. According to Katianna, “She is one of the most positive caregivers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” And our clients have definitely taken notice of her positivity and compassion. “Any client that has had Donna in their home will call and immediately request her to come back,” she added. 

“I believe she represents everything we stand for and expect from our caregivers,” said Katianna. “She is very kind, compassionate, understanding, flexible and so much more. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for Senior Home Companions.”

Donna’s History of Natural Caregiving

Donna’s daughter, Valencia, was also able to attend the awards ceremony and was so proud to witness this special recognition. “I have watched my mom over the years and she’s always been a hard worker,” said Valencia. “Caregiving always became a part of it. Growing up in Jamaica, which is where we’re from, she was always looking after a family member.” Even before working in the elder care industry, Valencia said, “She has always been a caregiver naturally, just not professionally. So it’s not surprising to see that she is excelling and recognized for the work that she’s doing."

And as a part of our Caregiver Ambassador program, Donna chose to have a donation to the Alzheimer's Association made by us in her name because it has affected her personally, not just with clients but with her own father. "It's a rocky and tough road, but I've seen individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia fall in love with me for what I do," said Donna.

Congratulations once again to Donna on your hard work and recognition! If your family works with a Senior Home Companions caregiver who has provided your aging loved one with exceptional service, you can nominate them as a potential Caregiver of the Month today. Assistance in completing the nomination form can be received by contacting Nicole Bieker in Human Resources at (317) 918-7168 or