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SHC Caregiver of the Month: Brandon Rayam

April 22, 2020

Senior Home Companions is proud to announce that our Caregiver of the Month for March 2020 is Brandon Rayam. He is a very hard worker and always strives to provide outstanding senior care, so we are excited to honor him in this way.

Brandon met a Senior Home Companions CSMS to do a caregiver introduction at a client’s house on the first day of service. The client was having a very difficult time as were the family members. Brandon very calmly told the client, "Hello, Mr M., my name is Brandon and I’m here to help you.” That put everyone at ease and Brandon was able to take very good care of the client. It takes an exceptional person to bring a family together and provide a sense of peace right away like that!

Brandon provides care to some of our most highly skilled needs clients! He is always up to learn the skills needed to take care of these high level individuals, knowing that each client is different. This ensures that they can count on him while showing how he is willing to go above and beyond to tailor their care needs.

During an emergency call off one day, Brandon stayed at his current client's home to cover the incoming shift. Brandon accepted it with grace realizing that providing consistent care to this client was the ultimate goal. Everyone was so appreciative!

Thank you, Brandon, for your hard work with Senior Home Companions! We so appreciate our caregivers like you, who answer a call to serve others and make a difference.