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Why Structured Routines are Good for Older Adults

October 15, 2020

Aging can bring many unexpected changes to our bodies and minds. One way to counteract issues like memory loss, poor sleep or anxiety is with a structured daily routine. The point of routines is not to be rigid to the point of inflexibility, but to provide older adults with a sense of predictability and purpose each day. Senior Home Companions caregivers can assist your aging loved one in creating and maintaining their daily routine with our trusted in-home care and support services. 

Routines Offer a Sense of Security

Most people, especially older adults, do not like uncertainty or surprises in their day to day life. Without work or school to govern their day, your aging loved one may feel lost without a regular daily routine. Our companion caregivers can help provide our clients with a predictable plan of activities and meals to follow each day, giving them a better sense of security.

If your aging loved one has dementia or memory issues, a regular routine is even more beneficial. Although they may not consciously recognize the passing of time as we do, a schedule offers a sense of stability that can sometimes be difficult to achieve in their mental state. 

Routines Reduce Anxiety

As we age, some individuals become more anxious about what is going to happen from day to day or even moment to moment. Some older adults may also be too ill or lack the memory to plan out their days, taking away their sense of independence and increasing reliance on others for basic needs. With a structured routine in place with a companion caregiver from SHC, your loved one will never have to worry about when or how their needs will be met. 

Routines Provide Healthier Meal Habits

Older adults who do not plan out meals on their own or with the help of a caregiver may end up skipping meals or not having the nutritious foods they need in their diet. Planning meals in advance gives seniors a schedule to consult when mealtime comes around, and it also makes it easier to go grocery shopping (or schedule a food delivery) on a more regular basis. 

At Senior Home Companions, our caregivers can help your aging loved one plan, shop for and prepare meals. Depending on the level of care an older adult needs, caregivers can cook meals each day, or they can help prepare nutritious and easy to reheat freezer meals. Our company has even partnered with various meal kit services in order to provide our clients with delicious and simple to prepare meals. 

Routines Improve Sleep Patterns

Aging brings a huge variety of adjustments to our bodies, including changes to our biological clocks with sleep and wake times. If you know an older adult who has trouble sleeping, consider if a more regular daily schedule could help. Studies show that older adults who follow structured routines take less time to fall asleep and have better sleep quality and efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about Senior Home Companions for yourself or an aging loved one, please contact us today for a free consultation. It is a joy to support our clients and their families throughout Florida and Indiana.