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Top Apps For Caregivers

March 4, 2020

These days, everyone has a smartphone, from small children up to aging grandparents. Smartphones and other smart devices ranging from watches and fitness trackers to speakers and home video systems can provide peace of mind and instant communication among families and caregivers.

As of 2020, about 90% of surveyed seniors intend to age in place for at least the next five to 10 years. With these numbers, chances are you could currently be part of a caregiving team to an elderly family member or you may be soon.

In order to use your smartphone to its full advantage when providing in-home care to an aging loved one, try downloading some new apps to help you coordinate and manage care, medication, shared tasks and more. All of the following apps are FREE and updated as of 2020:


Coordinates and organizes care and health information among a care team. Includes a shared calendar, to-do lists, as well as a space to enter or upload advance directives, important contacts, medical files and insurance information. Share information with family and caregivers to make your day simpler.

Caring Village

Stores important documents and allows you to work with your care team to manage errands, meals, transportation, etc. Also offers a medication tracker, wellness journal and secure in-app messaging to communicate among the caregiver team.


Offers support for Alzheimer’s patients to assist with remembering events, staying connected with family and loved ones and recognizing faces with the help of AI facial recognition technology. The app was created by Emma Yang when she was 12 years old to better connect with her grandmother. *Only available with Apple devices. 


Tracks daily pain with diary entries, as well as pain triggers, fitness activities, medication taken, current mood and quality of sleep. Information can also be analyzed and compiled into a pain report to share with a care team or health professionals.


Easily tracks medications and provides reminders throughout the day. Also offers refill reminders, prescription coupons and progress care reports. Both caregivers and health care providers can use this app to stay connected.


Allows caregivers to send medication reminders to aging loved ones via text. They can reply “yes” when they take their medication, and other family members can receive the texts to provide additional reminders if needed.

If you have additional needs for the care of your aging family member, don’t hesitate to contact us at Senior Home Companions for a complimentary assessment today.