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What are the 5 Advantages of Home-Care Nursing?

March 24, 2022

What are the 5 Advantages of Home-Care Nursing?

Many families experience stress when it comes to planning what steps to take after a hospital visit for a loved one. That’s why in-home health care and nursing services offer you and your family a sense of relief. There is no better place to heal than being in the comfort of your own home. Whether your loved one is recovering from an illness, surgery, or a fall, you can expect to get a full range of in-home care services. Before we dive into the advantages of in-home health care services, let’s explain the difference between home-care nursing and in-home healthcare. Knowing the difference will help you select the correct type of care for your loved ones. 

What is Home-Care Nursing? 

Home care nurses are able to provide home-based care for patients. This is typically in the form of post-discharge from a hospital, follow-up treatment, or any other medical needs of patients.  Since this is home-care nursing it is not facility-based, the in-home healthcare nurses are often self-directed. They interact with the families throughout the course of the patient’s care, ensuring the family of the loved ones is always in the know. There are 3 different types of in-home care nurse providers: registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and nurse assistants. Each type of in-home nurse is able to perform different duties and tasks based upon their credentials.

What is In-Home Care?

Home-based care offers a wide range of health care services that can be offered in your own home for various non-medical health-related reasons. Home health care is generally less expensive and more convenient than a hospital or skilled nursing facility. The primary benefit of this service is that the elderly can stay in their own home while receiving the same services provided in an assisted living facility. Family members are encouraged to be part of the planning process to help the caregiver meet the goals they have for their loved ones. Now that we have differentiated the difference between home-based care and home-care nursing you can make an adequate decision for your loved one and their in-home services.

1. Healthy Healing

Hospitals can expose your loved one to many different infections, choosing in-home care can help keep your senior protected. Post-surgery may leave your loved one more sensitive to the risk of infection or even relapse an infection. After a hospital visit, a lot of patient and caregiver involvement is required for fast, healthy healing. When a patient is in their own setting it helps alleviate any feelings of stress and anxiety that may come from a facility. In-home care can help your senior avoid additional injuries that may happen in the hospital setting.

2. Familiar Surroundings

Keeping your loved one in a hospital setting can lead to a negative impact on their mental health. These types of surroundings and frequent doctor/nurse visits often indicate that “something is wrong” and can leave your senior feeling stressed and anxious. With in-home health care, the patient is provided professional care with familiar surroundings. Putting your senior in a warm. A loving environment will help alleviate stress and allow the mind to relax. A healthy mindset with familiar surroundings will put your loved one on track to heal faster.

3. Personalized Care

In a hospital setting, it can be hard to receive custom, personalized care when most patients are being supplied with the same routine procedures. This setting leaves little room for independence and care for your loved one’s specific needs. When in-home care is provided it creates a custom experience for each patient without the distraction of other patients’ needs. This type of care is catered towards your senior’s needs when they need it. Personalized care can help provide a quick efficient recovery.

4. Medication Management 

Oftentimes, when a patient is suffering from multiple medical problems, the amount of medication they take can be difficult to manage. With various doctors prescribing multiple medications it is extremely important to know the details for each. The elderly may become confused about what medication they are taking, and could lead to missing pills, an accidental overdose, or harmful mixing that could lead to long-term health concerns. While professional caregivers may not be able to directly manage medicine, they can help you or your loved one stay on track through scheduling and reminders.

5. Companionship

As your loved ones get older, they need to work social interaction into their everyday lives to keep a healthy mind.  An in-home caregiver not only provides care to everyday needs but plays the role of a trusted companion. Companionship can look like reading, exercising, playing games, making meals, and many other socially engaging activities. When the elderly have assistance in these activities it can provide a feeling of comfort and avoid feelings of loneliness and abandonment. 

A caregiver is also able to provide errands like going to the grocery store, going to doctor visits, and fulfilling basic needs. Companionship offers a level of healing and comfort that big facilities are not able to provide. The next time you are looking to seek top-level care for your loved ones, consider keeping them at home with an in-home caregiver. You can leave your senior in good hands without the hefty cost and guilt that comes with a big facility. 


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