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10 Ways for Older Adults to Enjoy Nature This Summer

June 4, 2020

Summer means spending more time outdoors, and enjoying nature together. Here at Senior Home Companions, we love to assist our clients in getting outdoors for fresh air and activities. As you plan outings with aging loved ones this summer, check out our list of advice for enjoying nature while staying safe and sound. 

  1. Take a Walk

One of the simplest outdoor activities is taking a walk. Head around the block or find a nature trail, just be sure that the spot you choose has shady options to rest and relatively flat ground for seniors with mobility issues.

  1. Plan Outings Well

When you plan an outing with an aging loved one, try to head out during early morning or late evening. The heat of the day usually lasts from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., so this is the best time for seniors to enjoy time indoors.

  1. Stay Cool at Home

To make the most of time indoors, make sure that your loved one’s home is well air conditioned. See if they need help setting up their thermostat or having a ceiling fan installed to combat rising temperatures. 

  1. Bird Watching

Bird watching can be a relaxing way to enjoy nature, and can be done outdoors or from a window. Find a bird identification guide to help determine who is visiting, or install a feeder near a window.

  1. Painting or Photography

Another nature activity that can be done both inside and out is painting or photography. Choose a beautiful spot to capture in paint or film, and spend time creating artwork that you can enjoy year-round.

  1. Dress For the Weather

Be sure that your aging loved one is dressing appropriately for summer with the help of dressing and grooming assistance from a companion caregiver. Light-colored and loose-fitting clothing is best for time in the sun, and layers are helpful as temperatures rise or fall. 

  1. Gardening

Plant a simple garden or work together to update the landscaping outside your loved one’s home. Gardens can be filled with a senior’s favorite flowers, seasonal fruits and vegetables or easy-to-care-for plants.

  1. Enjoy Summer Foods

Speaking of seasonal fruits and veggies, be sure your loved one gets to enjoy their favorite summer fare or grilled foods. As you plan summer meals, make sure to also plan for proper hydration for older adults who can be more easily affected by dehydration. 

  1. Fishing

Many seniors love fishing for its slow pace as a relaxing way to enjoy nature. Ask your loved one to teach a grandchild how to cast a line or bait a hook, and they can share life stories as they fish together.

  1. Play Outdoor Games

Playing games outdoors is another way for older adults to enjoy time with grandchildren and the whole family. Find a low-impact sport like mini golf, horseshoes, or cornhole/bean bags to play on a nice day. 

If your aging loved one needs help living independently this summer, contact Senior Home Companions online for a complimentary consultation today!