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24/7 Care Available at Senior Home Companions

January 4, 2021

Are you searching for in-home 24/7 care in Southwest Florida or Central Indiana? Look no further than the comprehensive, non-medical care services offered by the experts at Senior Home Companions. If you are finding yourself burnt out as a family caregiver, our team is available around the clock to provide the one-on-one care that your loved one needs to age in place. Stay safe and sound at home with a companion caregiver from SHC!

Emergency 24/7 Care Available Now

Sometimes when a family is seeking out 24/7 care for a loved one, their need may arise out of an emergency or crisis situation. If you are looking to schedule a one-on-one caregiver quickly, Senior Home Companions can work with you to arrange care as soon as possible. We also provide short-term or transitional care from a hospital/facility, as well as 24/7 respite care for when a primary family caregiver is going out of town or falls ill. 

Transitioning into 24/7 Care

Maybe you are already utilizing part-time in-home care for a loved one aging in place. We have many clients who start with our one-on-one care a couple of days a week and then add more time with a caregiver as their journey changes. One big difference about SHC is our flexibility in care. We can ebb and flow with your family’s needs, increasing hours for certain situations like illness or a medical procedure, and going back down again after recovery. 

When is it Time for 24/7 Care?

With Senior Home Companions, every family has their own client service manager and a dedicated care team. We can provide personalized and flexible care depending on your unique situation, and we can help assess your need for uninterrupted care. Oftentimes, an elderly client’s doctor or discharge planner has recommended 24/7 care, but the family realizes that they need more help in providing it. Family members may try to provide their aging loved one with constant care at home, but family burnout is extremely common. That’s where your SHC caregivers come in. 

SHC Care vs. Other Facilities

The consistent 24/7 care offered at Senior Home Companions can be the ideal way to age in place, rather than going into a nursing facility. According to AgingInPlace, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 people prefer to remain at home as they grow older. With the help of the SHC team, your aging loved one can age at home too. 

Plus, many families may not realize that even in a facility, patients do not necessarily receive the hands-on 24/7 care that they will find with Senior Home Companions. And so that there is no burnout from the non-stop schedule, SHC works hard to develop a consistent team of caregivers for each client, providing them with a daily routine and dependable care. 

If you are seeking 24/7 in-home care for yourself or a loved one, contact your local SHC office today! We’d love to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your family’s needs.