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SHC Team Spotlight: Caregiver Enjoys Making A Difference

September 25, 2019

Meet Senior Home Companions Caregiver Kristen Braiman

For Senior Home Companions caregiver Kristen Braiman, her job is much more than the day-to-day services she provides her clients in Indianapolis. For Kristen, her clients are like family.

That can be attributed to her experience with her own parent. “I was my mother’s primary caregiver after a surgery that didn’t go well. She needed full-time care for quite a few years,” she explains. “After my mom passed away, I saw an ad for a caregiving position, and I applied.”

Fast forward eight years — Kristen has been a Senior Home Companion caregiver for the last four years and says she greatly enjoys the way in which she can positively impact the lives of her clients and their families.

“The absolute favorite part of my job is seeing the difference we make in people’s lives,” she says. “The impact and difference you feel you make is incredibly rewarding.”

According to Kristen, there is no doubt that her experience as a caregiver has enriched her life substantially. As much good as she believes Senior Home Companions provides, she says she has a mutually beneficial relationship with her clients.

“I have learned so much from my clients! I feel like you can’t put a value on that,” she says. She recounts her very first client, a farmer who was a WWII veteran.  “I learned so much about history from the stories he told,” she says. “Because my clients have been so through much, it has enriched my knowledge and my life.”

Senior Home Companions prides itself in the personal care, attention and connection between its caregivers and clients. Kristen’s caregiving tasks range from assisting advanced dementia clients with daily living activities, to offering support to clients with cancer and providing cognitive activities for clients with brain issues.

Outside of caregiving for Senior Home Companions, Kristen is married with two sophomores and lives in Noblesville. Her family has two dogs, two cats (though she admits there are usually more) and fosters dogs from the Humane Society for Hamilton County. She is “outdoorsy” and enjoys going kayaking on the White River, as well as camping, hiking and gardening.

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