Helping a Loved One with Memory Loss

two women taking a walk outside

When we finally realize a good friend or family member is suffering from significant memory loss, we naturally want to step in and help.  Determining the best way to help is often a tough puzzle to solve.  No one taught us how to care for someone with memory loss.  Caring for someone who has dementia […]

Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

client and caretaker holding hands outside

Moments of forgetfulness can plague all ages.  If these brief lapses come with a scare over your mental health, you are not alone.  The harsh reality of Alzheimer Disease is enough to make anyone concerned about their risk.   Given 1 in 10 people aged 65 or older have the disease, according to the 2017 […]

Brain Boosting Habits to Keep Us Sharp

caretaker and client reading the newspaper

Our brain and our muscles are impacted by age in a similar fashion.  The older we get, the weaker and smaller our muscles become.  Tasks which were once easy, now require a little more effort to complete.  Age has a similar impact to our brain. Below are five ways we can give our brain a […]

Changes to Our Brain as We Age

caretaker and client reading the newspaper

It should come as no surprise to hear that our brain is the most complex organ in our body.  After all, it serves as the command center for our entire nervous system.  Yet most scientists agree that we have only a minimal understanding of our brain’s complexity. One area science has allowed us to explore […]