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Meet Our Family Matters Program

December 18, 2020

Are you finding yourself or an aging loved one facing difficult decisions about the future? Topics like in-home care, legal relationships, etc. can sometimes feel hard to discuss together. Both older adults and their families will benefit from the Family Matters Program at Senior Home Companions, as our trained professionals aid in your important choices by providing education and counsel. 

What is the Family Matters Program?

Family Matters can give you and your family a designated time to address important issues that we all face as we age. The program provides you with a skilled SHC team member to prepare for and/or host a meeting with your family, where we can assist you in facilitating discussion to make fruitful plans for the future. 

Family Matters Counseling is led by SHC President David Morgan, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Dartmouth’s Tuck College of Business. His leadership in ministry and experience providing quality senior care through the Senior Home Companions network make him uniquely qualified to guide families through this important planning in a caring, thoughtful and thorough way.

Identifying Care Options and Family Roles

One of the primary outcomes of the Family Matters program is determining current and future plans for care. If your family is planning to primarily care for an aging loved one, you will likely need to identify the shared responsibility across adult children and family members in a manner that is suitable for everyone.

At SHC, we can provide in-home care ranging from a few hours a week to fill in the gaps, up to 24/7 support. If your aging loved one is in an assisted living community, skilled care or hospice facility, our caregivers can also provide companionship and non-medical care to support your family's caregiving plan. 

Assessing Future Living Arrangements

When choosing options for in-home or community living care, you may also want to make a plan for assessing your aging loved one’s future health and mobility needs. Our Family Matters experts can help determine physical and mental wellness benchmarks for when or if an older adult may need 24/7 care, or to move from their current home to a family member’s or to an assisted living community.

Exploring Legal Relationships

Honoring an older adult’s wishes as they age is paramount to the Family Matters program. This makes determining future legal and financial relationships a primary consideration to guide their family members, particularly for aging adults with dementia or memory loss. If needed, Family Matters counseling can address legal issues such as end-of-life arrangements, wills/estate planning or power of attorney options in your state. 

If you are interested in scheduling a Family Matters counseling session, please contact your local Senior Home Companions office today. We would be honored to help lead your family through this important decision-making process.