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The Meaning Behind The Job: What Drives Today’s Professional Caregivers?

February 5, 2019

Today’s Professional Caregivers

Caregiving is a special job. Although it can involve ordinary, everyday tasks, it also leads to extraordinary relationships.

“It’s about much more than cleaning seniors’ homes and taking them to appointments,” said caregiver Debbie Mortimer. “These amazing clients often just want you to sit and talk with them and take an interest in their past and present lives. They have so much to teach us — we just need to listen.”

This kind of bonding keeps Debbie committed to the job and looking forward to work every day. She cherishes the quality time she spends with clients and the friendships it fosters.

Caregiver Kelly Linedecker also finds herself growing close to her client and feeling like a friend. Right off the bat, they found common ground, bonding over the fact that they both served in the Navy and were stationed in Charleston, South Carolina. Kelly’s client also shared her love of birds, spirituality and family.

Kelly’s been caring for her client since she started at Senior Home Companions about two-and-a-half years ago, and she feels like a family member now.

“Her children are at peace knowing their mom is cared for,” Kelly said. “They told me they wouldn’t want to be on this journey of caring for her without me. They feel like my family.”

SHC prides itself on pairing clients with caregivers that match their personalities and fostering beautiful relationships like these.

“Our caregivers truly care and become emotionally invested” said Vice President Carrie Cash. “The friendships they make with their clients compel them to pour their hearts into this line of work. We’re grateful to have them, and we look forward to finding even more caregivers out there like them.”

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