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Transitioning Home After a Stroke: How Caregiving Can Help

February 10, 2021

Recovering from a major medical event, like a stroke, can be difficult for older adults and their loved ones. But with the help of our specially trained caregivers at Senior Home Companions, you can make the transition from the hospital back home or into assisted living. Our companionship and personal attention, in partnership with medical staff, will keep patients focused on reaching their stroke recovery goals.

What is a Stroke?

A stroke occurs when your brain’s blood supply is reduced or interrupted, reducing oxygen and causing brain cells to die. Strokes can occur at any age, but adults over the age of 55, especially men, are at a higher risk. You may recognize the symptoms of a stroke including, trouble speaking, vision problems, sudden paralysis or headache and trouble walking. These symptoms may affect just one side of your body. If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, act quickly, as effective treatments can help prevent disability or death.

In-Home Care After a Stroke

The most common effects of a stroke, depending on severity, are fatigue and weakness. Some patients may also notice troubles with balance, numbness, incontinence or difficulty with speech/swallowing. These effects may seem hard to manage at first, but the caregivers at SHC are trained to assist with these specific issues and more. Our in-home personal care includes keeping up with housekeeping and laundry while you recover, meal planning, preparation and assistance, as well as helping with new medication and hygiene/bathroom needs. 

Home Adaptations with Handyman Services

After a stroke, you may benefit from minor adaptations to your home to help with your recovery. Our SHC handyman service can perform a comprehensive assessment to provide recommendations and complete installation of features like bathroom grab bars, interior door widening and general home repairs. If you wish to go back home after your stroke, we will do everything we can to make sure it is safe and comfortable for your return. 

Physical Therapy Assistance

You may be facing minor or major physical therapy from the after-effects of a stroke, and our SHC caregivers can support you in this journey. Our rehabilitation support and physical therapy assistance will help you in your transition home, partnering with medical staff to keep you focused and engaged in meeting therapy goals. No matter how extensive your recovery, you can count on Senior Home Companions support to return to an active and engaged life.

Transitioning to Assisted Living or Nursing Facility

If you have suffered a more severe stroke, returning home may not be a realistic or safe option. If you find yourself needing to move to an assisted living or skilled care facility, SHC can help you in this transition too. Our companion care within these settings will ensure that you continue to receive one-on-one attention and personal care in tandem with the skilled medical care that a facility can provide. Look to our team of SHC caregivers for the individual support and non-medical care needed to stay engaged in daily life.

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