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Staying Active As You Age

April 12, 2021

As we get older, sometimes it can feel difficult to maintain an active and engaged lifestyle. But the benefits of staying active as you age are innumerable, not just to your physical health but your mental and emotional state as well. If you or an aging loved one needs a little extra help getting around at home, it may be time to work with the trained caregivers at Senior Home Companions. 

Staying Active with Routine Exercise

As we all know, physical activity has a major impact on health, but even more so for aging adults. Regular exercise can lower the risk of medical conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even some types of cancer. It can also improve strength and balance, which can help prevent injuries from falls and allow you to stay independent at home as you age. If you aren’t used to being physically active, you can start slowly with help from your in-home caregiver. Even five minutes is beneficial and you can build up more as time goes on. 

If you happen to be in rehabilitation or physical therapy for a recent illness or medical event, Senior Home Companions can also work in partnership with your medical team to keep you engaged and focused on your recovery goals. Our one-on-one attention can help you return to your regular active lifestyle at home, regardless of the extensiveness of your medical journey. 

Hobbies to Keep you Engaged

If you have a favorite hobby such as golf, gardening or bird watching, the caregivers at Senior Home Companions want to help you stay engaged with these activities. Including physical activity in your current passions is one key to staying active as you age. A brisk walk to your local park with a companion caregiver, working in your yard or walking the fairways instead of using a golf cart can be a great start to getting more physical activity in. 

Regular activities or hobbies can also help keep older adults and caregivers on a routine schedule, which reduces anxiety and offers a sense of security. Especially for aging loved ones with dementia or memory issues, a regular routine can provide stability that may be difficult to achieve in their altered mental state. 

Having an Active Social Life with your Caregiver

Senior Home Companions caregivers can also help you stay engaged with an active social life. Getting out of the house to attend community or social events may seem harder if you have mobility issues or are going alone. But with a caregiver, you can remain more independent in your daily life with reliable transportation and help to navigate unfamiliar locations. 

The power of companionship for older adults is strong, and social isolation and loneliness have been linked to many chronic conditions that seniors may already suffer from, including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression and cognitive decline (according to the National Institute on Aging). With a caregiver to offer companionship and connection to local friends and family, you’ll be staying active in your community again in no time.

If you are ready to start staying active as you age with the help of Senior Home Companions, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.