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Trends in Indianapolis Elder Care

July 13, 2021

Elder care is an industry that has been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean that it has remained stagnant. The ways of caring for older adults have changed over the years, with trends coming and going in an effort to offer the best care possible to this population. At Senior Home Companions, we follow the latest trends with our clients and families so that they always receive the most exceptional and personalized care we can offer. Here are a few of the current trends in Indianapolis elder care. 

Hiring Surge Trends

With around 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, Forbes research trends show that a large number of the 67 million people in the U.S. over 60 will require elder care. Furthermore, in the next two decades, “another 65 million more Americans will turn 65 while experts predict the number of seniors who need long-term care will increase to 15 million by 2050.”

As the need for more caregivers increases, Senior Home Companions is hiring new faces in Indianapolis and Florida all the time. Our stringent hiring process means that only the best applicants become caregivers, and our top-quality employee support keeps our retention rate at 90%, one of the highest in our industry (industry average is closer to 65%). 

Preference for In-Home Care

Among this growing number of older adults in need of care, trends show that the majority prefer in-home care over an assisted living or nursing facility. According to an AARP study, 76% of Americans over 50 wish to remain in their current residence, but the majority are unsure if it will actually happen. With help from Senior Home Companions, we can make those wishes become a reality. 

Our non-medical, elder companion care allows for older adults to live active and engaged lives at home. With services ranging from a few hours a week to 24/7 care, our caregivers help clients remain independent wherever they wish to age in place. In-home services include household upkeep, personal care and grooming, driving to appointments and errands, and much more. 

Increasing Technology

Unsurprisingly, another major trend in elder care is the increase in technology. Our caregivers work hard to stay up on the latest apps and technology improvements to keep clients and families in the know. We can help clients use smartphones and tablets to stay in touch with long-distance family members, and we can also assist with telemedicine appointments in light of new COVID-19 medical policies. 

Smart home technology and medical alert systems are another way to keep homes more convenient and safe for seniors living alone, and our caregivers would be happy to help implement these systems with your aging loved one.

Improving Indianapolis Memory Care

When it comes to caring for dementia or Alzheimer’s, Senior Home Companions is on the cutting edge of memory care trends with our Story Cottage residences in Indianapolis and Carmel. These locations offer first-of-its-kind memory care in state-of-the-art private residences with the lowest patient-to-caregiver ratio in the city (4:1). Families will have total peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are offered a personalized daily curriculum alongside peers and a nurturing staff of caregivers provided exclusively by Senior Home Companions. 

If you have questions about the latest elder trends or would like to set up a complimentary consultation for your aging loved one, contact our offices today to learn more.