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The Power of Phone Calls in a Zoom World

March 23, 2021

As we continue to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have gotten used to frequent Zoom videos or Facetime calls. However, for many older adults, a phone call is still their preferred method of staying connected. If you have an aging loved one living alone, a simple weekly phone conversation can have a great benefit in reducing any isolation or loneliness they may be facing. 

The Effects of Social Isolation

According to AgingInPlace, 9 out of 10 older adults prefer to age at home. Aging in place can offer more independence and comfortability in a familiar setting, and often provides a healthier environment than a group facility. And while there are countless benefits to aging in place, older adults may also find themselves isolated or lonely if they are spending much of their time on their own. 

Studies show that social isolation can expedite many chronic conditions that older adults may already suffer from, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, a weakened immune system, depression and cognitive decline. But with a simple phone call to your aging loved one, you can keep them better engaged in daily life and help prevent the loneliness that may come with living alone.

Scheduling Calls Regularly

Older adults can benefit greatly from structured routines. Maintaining a regular daily or weekly routine can offer a sense of security and reduce anxiety about what may be coming next. Scheduling your phone calls at the same time each day or week can help offer your loved one more predictability and give them something to look forward to on a regular basis. 

What to Talk about on Calls

When you ring up your aging loved one, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find things to talk about. You can keep them updated on your family’s lives, telling them funny grandchild stories or stories about your shared interests. Ask them about what they’ve been doing to stay active, be it with recent local events, their latest golf score or what they are growing in their garden. Regular phone calls can also give you a chance to keep track of your aging loved one’s mental state and when you may need to offer them more help at home. 

When Calls Aren’t Enough

If you are noticing that your aging loved one is becoming increasingly isolated at home, it may be time to look into the boutique in-home care services offered by the exceptional caregivers at Senior Home Companions. Home sweet home has never been more sweet or more safe with our consistent care and personalized service. Ranging from a few hours a week to 24/7 care, our caregivers can assist your loved one with transportation to appointments and events, engaging in beloved hobbies, light housekeeping, personal care and much more. 

If you are ready to learn more about working with an in-home caregiver, you can schedule your complimentary assessment today by contacting your local SHC office. We look forward to assisting your aging loved one in leading an active and engaged life!