Caregivers Keep Seniors Safe from Drug Interactions


As people grow older, their medicine cabinets tend to fill up. Seniors take more prescription drugs than any other age group. In fact, according to Drugwatch, 12 percent of seniors use 10 or more medications. Being on multiple medications poses a high risk for dangerous interactions between drugs and other substances. Even drinking grapefruit juice […]

Warning Signs that Safety is at Risk

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As our loved ones age, we face the challenge of determining when they need help to maintain their health, safety, and independence. Determining the right time to step in can be difficult; knowing the warning signs can make all the difference. Once you notice these signs, work with your loved one to identify additional resources […]

Understanding the Real Danger of Falls

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You have walked the same set of stairs in your home every day for the last 30 years. Sure, you might not zip up and down with the same speed you used to, but they have never stood in your way. Today something was different. You forgot your book on the nightstand and the weather […]

Caregivers Provide Individualized Support to Improve Safety

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At Senior Home Companions, our caregivers provide clients with much more than companionship. In fact, their primary focus is ensuring each client’s safety and well-being. More than just a helping hand, caregivers can be a great resource in reducing the risk of injury. Here are five of the ways caregivers help seniors improve their safety […]

4 Ways to Improve Home Safety for Seniors

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As our parents age, we become increasingly concerned about their safety at home. You might find yourself wondering if Mom can get around the house easily with her cane, or if Dad can see well enough to go up and down the steps after forgetting to put on his glasses. If you’re concerned about the […]